Energy management

Companies had been engaged in the energy consumption management for a long time, but only recently it has become a corporate priority. EMS began to be considered not as a source of cost, but as ... learn more


We provide the following services:

• design, installation, programming and commissioning of automation systems;
• selection and supply of equipment;
• integration of the energy manage­ment in the processes... learn more

Smart house

Intelligent building

The range of intelligent buildings, smart homes, building management systems (BMS) comprises a great va­riety of technologies for commercial, industrial, institutional and residen­tial buildings... learn more


Application of a BMS allows:

• to achieve energy savings up to 40%;
• to reduce costs for the operation services up to 3 times;
• to increase smooth operation term of engineering systems by 2 times via... learn more

About us

«VS Technologies» ltd. is an integrator of building automation systems. We provide services associated with BMS design, installation, programming, adjustment and comissioning.

We are proud of our team of professionals - engineers of the highest quality, who has successfully implemented a lot of challenging and interesting projects.

In our work we are always guided by the following principles:


All proposed systems are made based on the equipment of the world leading brands, that reduces the possibility of system failures.


Our company employs experienced professionals with years of experience in building automation both in Bulgaria and abroad.

Implemented projects

BMS project for a private residence (3500 sq.m)


«VS Technologies» ltd. successfully implemented the project of automatic control of heating and ventilation systems for a country residence (3500 sq.m).

The project's objective was to ensure reliable operation of the heating and ventilation systems. The main feature of the implemented project is the ability to exercise centralized control and management from the control room, to watch the current state of the systems, to analyze and to compare system data, eventual accidents, their causes and consequences information, as well as excessive or cost-effective energy consumption ... learn more

BMS project (15900 sq.m)

«VS Technologies» ltd. finished a drawing of the automatic control of engineering systems for confectionery factory "Prestige 96", Veliko Tarnovo (15900 sq.m).

The project objective was to receive information (dispatching) from engineering systems and to control the climate in the office area. The main feature of the project is the ability to control engineering equipment status and to monitor the energy consumption. Centralized management and control from the control room allows to reduce the presence of staff... learn more

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